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"Gender Audit Expert"


Established in 2006 as an independent non-profit nongovernmental organization, the NGO Development Center (NDC) provides financial and technical support to NGOs through its various programs and grant-making schemes.

NDC is seeking the services of Gender Audit Expert to promote organizational learning on how to implement gender mainstreaming effectively in policies, programmes, and structures; and to assess the extent to which policies have been institutionalized at the organization, work unit, and individual levels.     


The Gender Audit’s objectives are to:

  • Generate understanding of the extent to which gender mainstreaming has been internalized and acted upon by staff.
  • Assess the extent of gender mainstreaming in terms of the development and delivery of gender-sensitive products and services.
  • Identify and share information on mechanisms, practices and attitudes that have made a positive contribution to mainstreaming gender in the organization.
  • Assess the level of resources allocated and spent on gender mainstreaming and gender activities.
  • Examine the extent to which human resources policies are gender sensitive.
  • Examine the staff sex balance at different levels of an organization (horizontal and vertical)
  • Set up the initial baseline of performance on gender mainstreaming in the organization with a view to introducing an ongoing process of benchmarking to measure progress in promoting gender equality.
  • Set up an action plan on gender mainstreaming including benchmarks and follow up actions for monitoring progress.
  • Identify room for improvement and suggest possible strategies to better implement the action plan.

The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) can be downloaded from the following link:

The duration of the consultancy is a maximum of three months from the date of signature of the consultancy contract with NDC, with an estimated level of effort of 30 working days. 

NDC now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services.


The required qualifications of the Consultant are as follows:

  • Experience conducting Gender Audits and/or organizational gender analysis in a development context.
  • Experience in Gender Perspective in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action Projects in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • Proven track-record of facilitation and participatory methodologies to ensure ownership and engagement of e.g., staff groups, partners, communities, and participants.
  • Excellent command of oral and written English skills.
  • Possibility to go to NDC Offices in Al Ram.
  • Arabic desired.


Interested consultants must submit a cover letter and CV to [email protected] no later than Tuesday 21st February 2023.  

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted



PDF icon Gender Audit: Terms of Reference

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