Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) and Human Rights Organizations Call for a Boycott of Europe Day Celebrations


The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO)and Human Rights Organizations call on all sectors of the Palestinian people to boycott the European Union’s celebrations of Europe Day and cancel meetings with European Union delegations throughout May 2023 in protest against the offensive statements made by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. In her video message, von der Leyen adopted the Israeli occupation narrative and denied the Nakba of the Palestinian people and their displacement from their homeland.

At a meeting held at the Palestinian NGOs Network and Human Rights Organizations' premises in Gaza City this morning, attendees stressed their rejection of these offensive statements that contradict the position of the European Union and asked the European Union to rescind the statements, especially in light of the occupying government's extremist, right-wing, and fascist nature.

The assembled organizations called for unity among all sectors of the Palestinian people in rejecting these statements that deny the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and disregard all agreements and resolutions of international legitimacy. They also regarded these statements as the most dangerous ever issued, as they deny the existence of the Palestinian people from the ground up and fail to mention the Nakba or the Palestinian victims. These statements consecrate the apartheid regime and colonialism practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

The assembled agreed to start a series of activities to reject and denounce the disgraceful statements.


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