PNGO warns of the serious repercussions of prolonged power outages in the Gaza Strip


The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) warns of the dangerous repercussions of the long-term power outages in the Gaza Strip during the summer season and the high temperatures, especially on the health, social and economic conditions.

PNGO indicates that the power outage in the Gaza Strip is a chronic and complex crisis, the main cause of which is Israeli aggression and blockade. However, the political division and the economic, social, and humanitarian reality contributed to its exacerbation.

PNGO stresses the need for concerted efforts at all levels in order to develop serious solutions to solve the power outage crisis, mitigate its effects, and spare our people further suffering.

PNGO calls on all Arab and international parties to work hard to lift the unjust Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and to work towards supporting the electricity sector.

PNGO also calls on Egypt to expedite the reconnection of the electricity line to the Gaza Strip.

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