PNGO Press Release: Elections Are an Essential Point for Restoring Democracy and Unifying the Political System

There are serious challenges facing the Palestinian issue represented in Israeli policies and its daily practices supported by the United States. The Israeli side is working relentlessly to undermine the right of Palestinians to self-determination. The Palestinian right to establish an independent state is met with homes demolishing and settlement campaigns as well as land confiscations; comes where the world is witnessing uneasy changes, which affect the overall situation, especially in light of the world's preoccupation facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holding elections, both legislative and presidential, with the participation of all Palestinians based on integrity, transparency, and the participation of all, will shape a new stage in Palestinian political action. This stage will rely on the rules of participation in leadership and decision-making that ensure the participation of all in the electoral process. It will also ensure that Palestinians can face the Israeli occupation with more power to obtain their legitimate rights.

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) welcomes the positive atmosphere and the exchanged messages between factions within the intentions to end the political division. National unity is most needed nowadays more than ever and represents a safety valve for rearranging the internal issues, on the one hand. On the other hand, PNGO considers holding the elections for the Legislative, Presidential, and the National Council as an advanced process for boosting the steadfastness of our Palestinian people to overcome impediments.

The Palestinian NGOs Network, based on its role and basic objectives within the framework of national work, confirms the following:

  • Issuing presidential decrees to hold legislative, presidential, and national elections as soon as possible. All efforts and atmosphere should be ready to contain elections within the period provided for by the law. It is necessary to determine the factors needed within the framework of a national dialogue with the participation of civil society organizations, to ensure that it is conducted without delay or any other reason.
  • Restoring the democratic situation in a way that enhances the general orientation towards a political system capable of facing challenges.  Emphasizing the geographic and political unity of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank including Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. The conflict in Jerusalem is considered a part of a political battle to reject the Israeli occupation measures and plans to divide and isolate the city by imposing an occupation reality in it.
  • Working to create a climate for holding elections to guarantee integrity, transparency, revitalization of the national and popular situation, ensuring the participation of the generation whose voices have been absent for 14 years, since the beginning of the division, injecting new blood into the components of the national movement, and ensuring the right of women to obtain their right to be elected and nominated within the framework of renewing legal legitimacy and reducing the age of candidacy for young people.
  • Working to reach a healthy democratic situation in which public freedoms and civil rights are safeguarded and tension is avoided. The democratic also stops media bickering campaigns and strengthens work and traditions that guarantee the right to difference, spreading tolerance, overcoming negative aspects, stopping law violations, and halting any attempts to bully the law in any way.


PNGO calls for pushing the elections process forward, overcoming any obstacles standing in its way, removing, and neutralizing all that hinders the achievement of reconciliation in these delicate times.

Furthermore, PNGO affirms to hold Legislative, Presidential, and National Council elections is a natural right in an integrated process. It goes beyond the Oslo Accords and calls for the implementation of the outcomes of the General Secretaries' meetings (Ramallah / Beirut) last September. Both the elections and the reconciliation set Palestinians free of all the restrictions set by the agreements with the Israeli occupation.

This step is vital because it creates a framework of a unified political system, restores respect to the inclusive institution, and the spirit of joint work in a democratic framework to better confront and deal with the Israeli occupation.


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