PNGO and Human Rights Organizations Call to cancel the circular issued by the Supreme Sharia Court Council on travel restrictions

The Palestinian NGOs Network, Human Rights Organizations, and the Independent Commission for Human Rights have renewed their complete rejection of Circular No. 1/2021 issued by the Supreme Sharia Court Council in Gaza and its amendments in Circular No. 2/2021.  The rejection for the circulars continued especially that it contradicts the Palestinian Basic Law and previous circulars of the Council and includes the combining of minors and adults and imposes travel restrictions on segments of society of both sexes as well as bears discrimination against women.

This came during a PNGO representative meeting with Human Rights Organizations including the ICHR in Gaza. They affirmed that what was mentioned in the circular is the exclusive powers of the legislative authority.

The meeting ended by demanding the Supreme Sharia Court Council to cancel this circular and that the concerned parties not to issue any other laws before the upcoming elections.

They also called on the political factions and all sectors of society to pressure the cancellation of this circular as it violates freedoms and rights.


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