PNGO calls for an immediate action to lift Israeli occupation-crossings closure on Gaza Strip


The Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) denounced the continued Israeli occupation authorities-imposed closure of the northern Gaza Strip's Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, as well as the southern Gaza Strip's Karem Abu Salem crossing, designated for the movement of both people and goods, to and from the Gaza Strip. 

PNGO believed that the closure would deepen social and economic crises, underway in the Gaza Strip, where the whole population continues to endure ramifications of the crises.   

PNGO noted that among other serious consequences of the current closure of those crossings is the fact that many thousands of Gaza laborers, who happen to travel on daily basis to workplaces inside Israel, have been deprived of earning a living. Other categories of the Gaza society, including social and economic, have been also seriously affected. 

The closure of those crossings, refutes recent Israeli occupation's allegations that restrictions imposed on movement of both people and goods, have been eased.    

PNGO stressed that the Palestinian people has the right to freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip by means of ending the Israel-imposed siege, including the Israeli occupation-enforced restrictions on both imports and exports of all commodities and products, to and from the Gaza Strip. 

PNGO pointed out that the closure comes against the backdrop of unprecedented high rates of both poverty and unemployment, as well as lack of food security, across the Gaza Strip as a direct result of the continuous Israeli occupation-imposed siege and frequent Israeli occupation's attacks on the Gaza Strip during the past years. 

PNGO calls on the international community to immediately intervene by exerting pressure on the Israeli occupation's authorities for the best of reopening closed border crossings and allowing free movement of both people and commodities to and from the Gaza Strip. 


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