PNGO condemned an assault on a celebration in Gaza, marking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO), condemned in the strongest terms an assault by internal Palestinian security forces in Gaza on a celebration marking the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, organized on Sunday by the office of United Nations' Commissioner for Human Rights.

PNGO pointed out that during the celebration, which included speeches by several concerned parties including representatives of human right and local society organizations, in addition to some musical performances, reflecting Palestinian Folklore, a security force from the tourism police in Gaza, stormed the celebration and prevented its continuation.

PNGO considered such an assault as a flagrant violation of the right to freedom to assemble and establish organizations and to hold peaceful public meetings, in accordance with relevant laws.

It also pointed out that such a repetitive act in the recent period is quite dangerous affecting NGOs activities in Gaza.

PNGO calls for an immediate cessation of all such assaults, secure the right to assemble and create organizations and the freedom to hold peaceful public meetings. It also demanded protection the independence of civil society organizations.

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