PNGO: Occupation’s Crimes against the Palestinian People Must Stop and We Demand Immediate International Protection and to Sue the “Occupying State” 


The series of the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people is insanely escalating in a fascist racist impunity, the images of which are clearly evident, as happened in the town of Huwara, south of Nablus, last night, which led to the death of one citizen and the injury of more than a hundred others, the burning of more than 40 homes, and the destruction and sabotaging of properties by herds of settlers under the protection of the occupation army and the subsequent attacks on dozens of villages and towns in the West Bank, the closure of military checkpoints, the imposition of a strict military siege at all entrances to Nablus, the prevention of freedom of movement, and threats to launch a large-scale military operation in the occupied Palestinian territories, in addition to obstructing the work of medical staff, which are crimes that come as a continuation of the open aggressive war that has claimed more than 62 martyrs since the beginning of this year, and with it the intensification of settlement construction, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the imposed siege on the Gaza Strip, while waging a war of no less ferocity against the female and male prisoners in the prisons of the occupation. 

In the face of this fascism and racism, we in the Palestinian NGOs Network affirm adherence to legitimate national rights and reject all the occupation measures and practices in the face of the dangerous escalation that threatens to carry out more bloody massacres, as happened several days ago in the city of Nablus, in which 11 citizens were martyred and more than 105 were injured. We in the NGOs Network demand and affirm the following: 

  • Demanding the Palestinian leadership to work on withdrawing the recognition of the occupying state and stop all forms of relations with it, including the implementation of the leadership’s recent decision to stop security coordination and put in place practical mechanisms to degrade all agreements with it and define that relationship as between an occupied people and an “occupying state”, and deal with it accordingly. In such context, we affirm our rejection of the Al Aqaba security meeting and its outcomes.   
  • Exerting efforts to open an internal Palestinian dialogue that includes all the forces, societal and popular components, and all sectors, and to take the necessary steps that will enhance internal unity, end the internal division chapter, and unify efforts to confront the challenges posed by the current reality, in a manner that dictates a national responsibility to everyone.   
  • Taking the appropriate decisions by both the government and the authority to enhance the resilience of people in the threatened and affected areas, provide the foundations for resilience and survival in the face of the occupation policies and settler attacks, and compensate the population for the damages caused to them as a result of these attacks.
  • Demanding the United Nations and its humanitarian and human rights bodies to work promptly to exercise their role that guarantees immediate protection for the Palestinian people under occupation and the implementation of relevant decisions on the ground. 
  • Demanding the United Nations to work on lifting the legal cover for the "occupying state" and force it to respect human rights by international conventions as an occupying power, and work to hold accountable those responsible for the war crimes committed by the occupying state and impose a comprehensive boycott on the occupying state until it complies with the international will. 
  • We call on our people in the areas adjacent to the settlements to be constantly vigilant against the danger posed by the settlers' chaos, form guard committees and work to support the villages under attack with all capabilities, and to provide them with assistance. 

The Palestinian NGOs Network 

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