Star of David is a witness to the fascism of the racist regime / Mustafa Ibrahim


16 strong, armed racist, fascist policemen, 16 non-functioning cameras in Jerusalem, 16 sadistic policemen beat a 22-year-old Palestinian man from Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, covering his face, handcuffing him, beating him with their fists and feet, torturing him and insulting his dignity.  Police stamped a tattoo of "Star of David" on his face.

Police claimed the arrested young man was hit by a policeman's shoes, but a medical source said the mark appeared to be a blow with a sharp object with a seal.

Sixteen Israeli policemen burned the face of the Palestinian youth, and when the police were asked to examine the crime and see what had happened, they discovered that there were no cameras. 16 policemen and 16 cameras, all broken.

It is not only the elephant of occupation in the room, but the vast majority in the state of the occupation and apartheid regime, and even calling the police officers Nazis is not enough, the Nazis in state uniforms.

The entire system is based on racism, fascism, supremacy and sovereignty, the entire regime that was established at the expense of the Palestinian people, through terrorism, crimes, murder, displacement and erasure, and continues its crimes.

At the heart of the protests and opposition to the so-called plan to weaken the judiciary is the renewal and development of the system with more racist and fascist laws that have surpassed all dictatorships in the world, claiming to preserve the democratic Jewish state.

The apartheid regime is full of evil, murder, demolition and destruction, and it sets itself on fire, a system that encourages settlement and land theft and forgives, supports and protects criminals.

The apartheid regime and the fascist police claimed that the cameras were broken, in a way to hide the image, the racist regime is a fascist dictatorship, and succeeded in not showing the fascists abusing the young man, despite the abundance of the image of the young American George Floyd, who was assaulted by American police. Fortunately for the apartheid regime, the image of the young Palestinian is less dramatic because they disabled the cameras, which did not show the tattoos with hot metal on the young man's cheek.

Palestinians have a resistance that tries to protect them, and when it does so and responds by retaliating by killing racists and fascists who practice their sadism and terror, the entire regime rises up except for a few, demanding the killing of Palestinians who defend their land, rights and dignity. Palestinians have a police and security institution, which is supposed to protect them, but in such crimes, it cannot protect them from the settlers, the brutal occupation and the crimes it commits. Only the Palestinian security services are required to prevent resistance and act A security agent for the occupation.

As the occupying power in occupied Palestine, the Israeli army is supposed to provide protection to the civilian population, in accordance with international law and the Geneva Conventions.

But the racist regime and successive Israeli governments that claim to respect international law provide protection to criminals and racists. Israeli military and civilian courts, which are respected and valued by the international community, under the pretext that the racist judicial system is independent, are the protective shield that prevents Israeli army officials and officers from being tried in international courts for war crimes and occupation, and the apartheid system based on settler colonialism and persecution.

Democrats, mostly racists, protested against judicial reforms, fearing the collapse of the justice system, against the abolition of the argument of reasonableness by claiming that it provides protection to criminals, who since the establishment of apartheid have maintained face whitewashing, helping criminals to escape punishment, and continuing to legitimize crimes.

Lying, deceit, concealing the truth and evidence, and covering up investigations are characteristic of the regime in Israel. How a shoelace can burn a young man's cheek.

The violent features of the police, the army, the settlers, even the so-called civilians, are daily behavior against Palestinians, the ease of shooting, they behave sadistically whether they hold a weapon license or not, they enjoy the use of force simply by feeling bored and not afraid or threatening life.

The allegations of the investigation are lies, and the evidence is countless, and the case of the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq, who is a person with disability, is a witness to the injustice and complicity of the entire system, especially the police and the judiciary, and the impunity of the criminal.


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