PNGO Network condemns incitement campaign against women organizations

The Palestinian NGOs Network denounces the defamation and incitement campaign included in several speeches, as well as some paragraphs of the final statement of the conference held in Gaza with the participation of official, academic, and advocacy bodies under the title "International machinations to destroy the Muslim family... CEDAW as a model."


PNGO warns of the danger of this incitement and defamation of some women organizations and figures and bears full responsibility for the repercussions of the utterance of these inflammatory statements.


PNGO calls on the Government Work Committee in the Gaza Strip to assume its responsibilities to put an end to this incitement and defamation.


PNGO emphasizes that women’s organizations are an integral part of the Palestinian social and national fabric, and have a role in the national struggle in confronting the occupation and strengthening the steadfastness and resilience of our people, especially empowering women at all levels, including mobilizing international solidarity with our just cause.


PNGO confirms that incitement against civil and women organizations contributes to diverting the compass from the struggle against the occupation and works to threaten civil peace and community cohesion, especially in light of the ongoing Israeli incitement campaign against civil society organizations, including women’s organizations, and labeling a number of them as terrorism.


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