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Logistics Manager  


Founded in 1992, Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a non-governmental organization for international solidarity with a social and humanitarian mission With a presence in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Secours Islamique France assists the peoples through its emergency aid, development and orphan sponsorship programs in over 30 countries wherever humanitarian and social needs exist, without regard to race, religion or gender.

SIF Gaza Strip Palestine Mission was established in 2008, and since then, the Mission has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the local context and understanding of local needs. SIF Gaza Strip Palestine is a member of the Food Security, WASH, Education, Child Protection, Health & Nutrition and Shelter/NFIs clusters since many years and plays an active role in most of clusters’ meetings. SIF Gaza Strip Palestine also works in coordination with many local and international and humanitarian organizations and local NGOs in Gaza Strip to assess, share information and coordinate projects implementation with The Palestinian Authority (PA) to obtain authorizations.



The Logistics Manager is under the Head of Mission, responsible for all Logistics aspects, and s/he will work in close cooperation with SIF teams as following:-


  • Provide planning support and advice to those making a procurement request, then process and manage the procurement process in accordance with SIF policies and procedures, in a transparent, accountable, efficient and cost effective manner;

  • Follow-up the procurement for all bases in area of operations.

  • Validate the Purchase / Service Contracts for procurement, along with coordination of admin team.

  • Set up and maintain a database of suppliers, detailing criteria of quality, price, service, ethics etc;

  • Undertake quotations or launch Calls for Tender;

  • Get validation of relevant procurement from HQ;

  • Check the condition and nature of goods received as required by the contracts;

  • Manage the presentation, circulation, filing and archiving of procurement documents, conforming to SIF procedures;

  • Undertake periodic inventories;

  • Manage stock movements and distributions of goods in the framework of project implementation;

  • Ensure that local market surveys are regularly carried out, to ensure a full knowledge of the availability and price of local items;

  • Ensure that all procurements are tracked and recorded to identify items that should be part of a pre-approved tender process, and ensure that open and free competition for procurements is adhered too;

  • Capture pipeline information, and coordinate the management of the supply chain ensuring that Program staffs are well-informed and well-prepared for incoming goods and materiel;

  • Elaborate and update suppliers data base as well as prices list;

  • Liaise and negotiate with suppliers;

  • Enforce proper use of procurement ceilings and approval procedures.

Assets and Property Management:

  • Ensure the safety and effective use of all SIF assets and properties in the office;

  • Account for the overall compliance with assets, properties and premises management procedures;

  • Ensure the maintenance and repairs of assets and properties in timely manner;

  • Assess the need for additional equipment / premise ;

  • Account for the overall compliance with assets, properties and premises management procedures;

  • Regularly control the Asset Documentation (Asset Card, Maintenance / Repair Card, Monthly Equipment Follow Up)

  • Ensure that Assets file is updated with all necessary documents (vouchers, technical manuals, repair and maintenance documents)

  • Ensure timely reporting on /assets & stock status, to help Program staff with planning of replenishment and tracking through to end-user has occurred ;

  • Advise and support Program staff to verify that distribution has occurred according to the intentions and plans of the donors, and project partners.

Fleet Management:

  • Supervise and coordinate all logistic matters relating to transport and fuel management, to ensure that vehicles are insured, asset managed correctly, being driven safely, maintained appropriately, damages are reported ;

  • Organize field movements for staff members (flight and hotel booking, rental taxi, etc.);

  • Ensure that vehicles internal equipment (tools, communications etc) are complete and serviceable; and that usage of fuel is correctly supervised, and logged and recorded ;

  • Control regularly that all documentation required is filled in timely and precisely;

  • Supervise the rental Service Contracts for vehicles;

  • Control all documentation related to vehicles (Log Books, Fuel Consumption...);

  • Consolidate and control the Fuel Consumption Follow Up from all drivers.

Procedures and Reporting:

  • Comply with all the reporting requirements from HQ and Country level

  • Prepare the Monthly Logistical Report for the Head of Mission and HQ

  • Present all consolidated monthly reports as required according to SIF guidelines

  • Maintain accurate filing systems, with documented and supported records of action for audit purposes, and submit weekly and monthly logistics reports to the in-country management team.

  • Prepare procurement plan (order follow up, ongoing procurements, deliveries …etc.)

  • Prepare Stocks Situation follow up and report (Deliveries received, damages, stocks requests)

  • Keep track of quality, quantity, stocks levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency

  • Follow up SIF vehicles (maintenance, Incidents, suppliers relation)

  • Assets list (Repartition of assets, maintenance, problems)


  • Ensure compliance with SIF policies and procedures, donor regulations and local laws.

  • Ensure that the procurement and disposal of commodities are in line with applicable licenses and are properly documented.

  • Ensure that vendors’ eligibility screening is carried out in a timely manner, updated regularly, and, recorded appropriately.

  • Manage all types of contracts with suppliers and service providers

  • Meet any ad hoc donor requirements in a timely and complete way

  • Telecommunication and Information Technology Management

  • Accounts for the overall compliance with the Communication and IT procedures

  • Supervise and secure effective use of the entire telecommunication and IT system

  • Supervise all the telecommunication costs

Human Resources:

  • Manage all staff within department with integrity and foresight, and in accordance with HR procedures and policies to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of accountability and professionalism.

  • Ensure that staff supervised are evaluated regularly, trained and/or mentored in a structured accountable manner, and written records of such are retained.

  • Oversee the recruitment, selection and performance of logistics team

  • Logistics Manager involves the responsibility of a team but also of its efficiency, which means that by having no results over the long term s/he must be capable of training / sanctions / recommendations for more appropriate position.

Working Relationships:

  • Reports to Head of Mission

  • Proactively engage with the managers and relevant staff (Program, Finance) on all matters logistic to ensure that programmatic and project planning incorporates sufficient funding for logistical staff and logistical support mechanisms.



  • Minimum 05 years work experience in the similar position in an international organization

  • A Bachelor Degree from an accredited university in Business or Project Management or relevant field;

  • Previous experience in INGOs and ability to communicate in French will be an added advantage;

  • Experience in and commitment to participatory management and maintaining a supportive, open environment to ensure the transferring of knowledge & development of all staff;

  • Well organized, strategic planning, and implementation ability;

  • Ability to set goals and prioritize with commitment;

  • Effective under pressure, results oriented and proactive with the ability to multi-task;

  • Good Interpersonal communication, negotiating and analytical skills;

  • Ability to build, manage and motivate teams and individuals to achieve set objectives and targets;

  • Ability to lead and participate in teams but also to work independently;

  • Computer skills: MS Office (specially Word and Excel) ;

  • Excellent written and spoken English. Ability to speak French will be an added advantage;.

  • Ability to travel frequently and under the particular travel requirements of the assignment.


Taking initiative, capacity to prioritize, networking and partnership development, sense of responsibilities and coordination skills, good interpersonal skills, patient and ready to listen to people, open-minded and collective approach and strong humanitarian motivation.


  • Location: Gaza Strip

  • Duration: Until end of the year (renewable).

  • Starting Date: Immediately

  • Logistics Manager: (Ref #: 2019/03/LM)

Interested candidates are requested to send the followings:

  • CV.

  • Letter of Motivation with the Ref # of the post (as indicated above).

  • Two professional references for their last two employers.

All above documents should be sent no later than 02:00 p.m. on 7th April 2019 to the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

Faxed CV’s or emails without the Post Title & Ref # will be neglected. Only candidates possessing relevant experiences will be considered.

Secours Islamique France is an equal opportunity employer

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