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UHWC is NGO leading Palestinian  knowledge-based community healthcare organazation established in 1985, contributing to community empowerment in healthcare and promoting the comprehensive concept in the Gaza Strip. Its members are gathering a healthy vision for our slogan, "Health Service is a right to whoever needs it". UHWC is achieving community health empowerment and promoting the comprehensive healthcare concept through capacity development; primary; and tertiary healthcare; culture and health, and community health communication and advocacy programs.

Title: Junior SURGEON


Position in the Organization

Reports to (Hierarchical): Medical Activity Manager / Project Medical Referent

Reports to (Functional): Medical Activity Manager / Project Medical Referent / Medical Coordinator

Job Family: Medical and Paramedical

Main Purpose

To commence a Core training experience in Orthoplastics:  Diagnosis and treatment of bone fractures, joint injuries, and soft tissue injuries including tendon and muscle.  Work in close collaboration with medical staff in the emergency, inpatient and outpatient wards and operation theatre organizing and carrying out orthopaedic surgery activities, ensuring pre- and post-operative surgical care, in accordance with MSF procedures, protocols, and universal hygiene standards in order to improve patients’ health.


  • Strictly following and applying the treatment of the orthopaedic patients, according to MSF protocols and guidelines in orthopaedic surgery set by the project and by the MSF referents. Applying the principles of war surgery in treating war wounded. Ensuring that the overall management decision for each orthopaedic patient is known by all the staff involved in the plan.

  • Undertaking pre-operative consultations, evaluating the surgical risks with the anaesthetist and/or other medical staff involved, and obtaining the patient's consent to operate.

  • Learning to assist and undertake Orthopaedic and Plastic surgical interventions on MSF patients in accordance with MSF admission criteria, protocols, and standards.

  • Performing daily pre-op and post-op rounds, assessing the orthopaedic patient needs and managing problems accordingly. Ensuring proper follow up of patients in the OPD and following up all post op complications and referring accordingly to the hospital managers/technical referent on how to best manage these complications following MSF protocols, standards and procedures

  • Performing traction, splinting and casting of majority of closed fractures.

  • Supervising the proper follow up of the OT register and the register for surgical infections. Filling in all the related documentation (the technique of operation after every operation and the patient order sheets)

  • Following up with the nurses that medicines and other orders are being fulfilled. Using the supplied MSF materials and equipment in orthopaedics aptly for each patient and avoiding requests for non-standard materials not available in the country nor within MSF projects. Responsible for the radiologic equipment used in orthopaedics and supervising that others do the same.

  • Planning, evaluating, and supervising the training of the staff (emergency and the out-patient teams) in order to ensure the amount of knowledge required and to improve people diagnosing, triage, and early detection capabilities.

  • Supporting other medical teams/wards when needed.

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

Operational / Technical responsibilities

Surgical activities

Participation in operations as a junior doctor with a keen interest in trauma care and surgery

The aim of this post is to allow the successful applicant exposure in both Orthopaedics and Plastics in a trauma context

This will allow the junior doctor to get core training in Orthoplastics.  This will provide an excellent starting point from which the junior can select to enter either an Orthopaedic or plastic training program in the future.

The successful junior doctor will have the following responsibilities linked to surgical activities.

Work closely with his/her senior Surgeons, and the theatre co-ordinator, to ensure the content of the list is well planned and the operative list runs smoothly.

  • Plan in advance.

  • Clear instructions.

  • Minimal alterations once list decided and printed.

  • Do the pre-op team brief with Senior Surgeons to verify that special equipment or material is available before the surgery commences

  • WHO check

Learn the craft of Orthoplastic Surgery from Senior Surgeons and progress in surgical skills with senior supervision until competent.

Comply with MSF protocols and principles with respect to

  • Hygiene

  • Infection control

  • Maintenance of surgical kit and report breakages

Comply and understand the importance of good documentation

  • Complete operation notes with Senior surgeons’ input : must be accurate and clear

  • Sound and clear post-operative orders: ensure these are transferred to ward post-op

   in person after OT

  • Check that the reporting register for the operating theatre is kept updated

In cases of emergency, be ready to be called and to manage MSF patients in his/her specialty


General running of OPD

  • Take part in new patient and follow-up clinics: total patient care

  • Discuss findings and learn to formulate good surgical management plans

  • Able to explain procedures: comprehensive patient information

  • Competence to manage medical problems as well as give surgical care

  • Understand the process of fully informing the patients of benefit and risk before taking consent

  • Refer the patient to medical specialist or other practitioners when necessary.

Guarantee the application of MSF protocols

Be keenly aware of antibiotic stewardship

Appropriate administration of medications

Follow dressing protocols

Co-ordinate with colleagues the patient management:

The plan/ Anaesthteic alerts/ special requirements in OT/Allergy warnings

Work in a Multidisciplinary context: consider colleagues part in the surgical plan

Report surgical plan/patient discharge with senior surgical colleagues.

Communication skills

Precise, clear, documentation and handing on information, surgical planning with colleagues:  Nursing staff and doctors alike

Precise, clear discharge summaries for all OPD and ward patients on discharge


Ward rounds

  • Every morning: for all inpatients reviewed

  • Pre-op ward round: consent form to be signed by the surgeon who does the case. Check this is done

Physio handover given: part of discharge and after care

Multidisciplinary meeting

  • Keep a running record and appraisal of each patient undergoing care on the OCB unit

  • This must be factual/clear/accurate

Weekly meeting (MDT): make sure whole team knows the global plan and patient progress

Weekly summary surgical plan

  • Keep a running summary of the Orthopaedic and Plastic surgery plan on each inpatient.

  • Discuss this weekly with Senior colleagues to confirm plan is still appropriate and use as a learning tool for training in Orthoplastics

Additional activities

Other activities

  • Medical support in case of Mass Casualty Plan.

  • Provide trainings /clinical sessions to other members of the team.

Responsibilities towards MSF

Commitment to MSF

  • Availability for emergencies

General knowledge of MSF

  • Has a general understanding of the association, its functioning, structure and values (charter).

  • Is aware of MSF objectives and activities in general and in the working context.

  • Participates actively in meetings and trainings.


  • NA

Cooperation with other departments

  • Is aware of activities of other departments and respect specific rules and procedures.

Information source

  • Interprets conversation when necessary.


Education and experience:

  • Bachelor degree in Medicine and General Surgery.

  • Previous junior surgical experience and an interest to start training in Orthoplastics required.

  • Previous experience in trauma and/or war surgery preferred.

  • Experience in surgical conditions with limited resources is an asset.

  • MSF experience or in other international organizations is an advantage.

  • Interested in limb reconstructive and plastic surgery.


  • English required.


  • Analytical, Synthetic, Planning capabilities, reporting capability,

  • Organizational skills, problem solving.

  • Open to learn new technique and adopt MSF protocols.

  • Multi-tasks management, delegation skills,

  • Communication skills, negotiation skills, Writing capabilities

  • Computer skills (good knowledge of MS Office and specifically excel)

Personal qualities:

  • Diplomacy, good communication and interpersonal skills,

  • Multi-cultural flexibility or experience, Team Player, open-minded

  • Calm, stress management, patient, ability to listen

  • Rigorous, organized

  • Confidentiality

  • Strong sense of integrity

MSF is a civil society initiative that brings together individuals committed to the assistance of other human beings in crisis. As such MSF is by choice an association.
Each individual working with MSF does it out of conviction and is ready to uphold the values and

The Applicants should fill the application form at the Department of Management and Human Resources at the headquarters of the Union of Health Work Committees in Gaza – Al Nasser - Al Maqusi area – opposite Al Maqusi Mosque – 3rd floor, 2895987. The application should be included: CV, supporting documents, 2 personal photos, and “you should bring your Original Documents” to compare with the copies.

The last date for accepting applications is: Tuesday  12/11/2019 at 2:30 pm

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