PNGO Starts Training Workshops on " developing administrative and financial skills related to logistical support in emergencies "

The Palestinian Network NGOs (PNGO) launched a training workshop on developing administrative and financial skills related to logistical support in emergencies. The training workshop comes as part of a project implemented in partnership with Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) amid at strengthening democracy and building NGOs' capacity.

The training targets 27 participants from Palestinian NGOs working in the Procurement or Logistical Support departments as they are about to undergo 20 training hours over four days divided into two sessions per week.

The training covers aspects such as procurement, logistics definitions and concepts, procedures, and mechanisms in normal and emergency times. The sessions will go deeper into details about the relationship between procurement and logistics in emergencies before explaining monitoring and evaluation.

Amjad Al-Shawa, PNGO director, opened the training workshop and stressed on the aim of the training as it comes as a part of the efforts exerted by the Network to develop NGOs administrative and financial skills. Also, to enhance NGOs role in providing services and humanitarian response in a better way for the people, especially in emergencies.

Logistical support is one of the essential elements that NGOs should place in their priorities, Al-Shawa said, and in their strategic and operational plans as well to handle people's needs more efficiently in emergencies. 

In the same context, the training team emphasized that the goal of the training is to improve trainees' capabilities in managing procurement and logistics procedures in the normal and emergencies in both theory and practice.

The trainees said that they benefited from the sessions as they now know more about the identification of the logistics system and its relationship to the Procurement Service.

Also, they have become more aware of dealing with purchases in the event of an emergency or a disaster. The linking between the theoretical concept and the practical aspect was superb, according to the trainees.

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