PNGO Issues Paper on Implications of the Corona pandemic on social protection in Gaza

The Corona pandemic has put social protection interventions under the test. It has seriously affected the dignity, livelihood and welfare of people. This is making it necessary to focus on social protection policies, and to have a well-designed and implemented protection system in order to reduce poverty and inequality and to contribute to social inclusion, leaving no one behind. There is also a need for adaptable programs that respond to specific needs and address weaknesses facing vulnerable groups in the events of conflict and emergency.

Social protection for the poor, marginalized and sick groups is a basic human right. It plays an important role in protecting them from poverty and alleviating it, and seeks to achieve equality and social justice to preserve the inherent human dignity of people.

The Corona pandemic revealed the fragility of social protection policies and procedures, whether governmental, international, or civil society, in the Gaza Strip, which has suffered for many years, and is still suffering, from division, siege and marginalization.

It has also become apparent that the health system is incapable of facing any risks, and that there are no food security policies, which have left all affected groups including workers, patients and the elderly, uncovered by social protection services.

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