PNGO Health Sector and Human Rights NGOs Demand Pressure on The Israeli Occupation to Provide COVID Vaccines to Palestinians Without Discrimination

PNGO Health sector and Human Rights Organizations have called the international community and the United Nations to immediately intervene to pressure the Israeli occupation authority to fulfil its obligations according to the Fourth Geneva Convention and to provide the Palestinians with COVID vaccines without discrimination.

This came during the meeting held at the Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) in Gaza City to review and discuss developments regarding vaccination for the Coronavirus. The meeting was attended by PNGO health sector and human rights organizations representatives as well as officials at Independent Commission for Human Rights.

The attendees discussed health sector progress and reality in Palestine and the efforts made to confront the pandemic with the mechanisms that guarantee to provide vaccines. The Israeli side, on the other hand, is denying vaccines to the Palestinian people, especially the prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Moreover, the attendees emphasized that providing vaccines to all Palestinians in the West Bank including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip is the Israeli authority responsibility. According to the international law, the occupying power is accountable for ensuring the provision of medical supplies, including vaccinations, without discrimination, and to be of the same quality that it provides to the Israelis.

At the end of the meeting, the importance of the participation of civil society organizations in campaigns was deemed a priority to call for an end to discrimination, restrictions, and conditions that the Israeli occupation places on Palestinians to obtain vaccines. The Israeli measures are not to be underestimated in the light of the weakness and deterioration of the health sector due to Israeli violations and siege.

Finally, the participants also stressed the scope of organizations will continue to focus on pressing parties to provide vaccinations to all Palestinians. That includes working within an extended advocacy plan with many activities aimed at raising awareness of the right of Palestinian citizens under Israeli occupation to obtain vaccines without discrimination.

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