Demanding to cancel the circular issued by the Sharia Judicial Council prohibiting travel and ask for immediate withdrawal


The Five Democratic Forces, the Palestinian NGOs Network, Human Rights Organizations and the Independent Commission for Human Rights affirmed their rejection of the Circular issued by the Head of the Gaza Higher Sharia Court Council judicial decision No. 1 of 2021 regarding imposing restrictions on the travelling certain groups, especially women, stressing their refusal to issue any laws and the need to postpone them after the legislative elections.

This came during a meeting of the five democratic forces representatives with the Network and the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Gaza City to discuss the dangerous implications of the court edict and ways to cancel it.

The meeting stressed that the Supreme Sharia Court Council has no jurisdiction nor power to issue such a circular. Therefore, it should be canceled, since it violates public and private freedoms, not to mention it is not in the hands of the court to make this law.

The meeting concluded by the expressing the need to respect the principles of human rights as well as public freedoms by not issuing any laws before the upcoming legislative elections, and that includes providing an appropriate environment for the electoral process to succeed.

Finally, they called on all concerned parties to work for cancelling this decision and not accept any similar ones that would maintain this notion that goes beyond the basic standards of human rights in a complete and utter violation.

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