PNGO publishes a position paper from more than one hundred and twenty Palestinian NGOs on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip

Today, the Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) issued a position paper on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip signed by more than one hundred and twenty NGOs from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The position pointed out that after more than two months of the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza destroying thousands of homes and the displacement of safe civilians during the violent raids launched by the Israeli occupation forces on civilian and populated neighborhoods in the camps and cities of the Gaza Strip, and caused the death and injury of hundreds of civilians, women and children; however, the occupation still prevents the entry of construction materials, causing the displacement of tens of thousands of citizens and denied their right to shelter.

PNGO and Palestinian NGOs, unions and undersigned NGOs stressed the need for serious work and the importance of accelerating the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip within a national framework par excellence, without benefiting from this process, the Israeli occupation, which caused all this destruction and devastation throughout the decades of occupation and the theft of Palestinian resources. The reconstruction process would lay the groundwork for real reconstruction with transparency and equality for all.

The 120 NGOs stressed the need to urgently lift the siege and reject any conditions or restrictions on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, including the continuation of the Gaza Reconstruction mechanism (GRM).

It also stressed the need to neutralize the reconstruction process from political differences and work to heal the wounds of the victims and enable those affected to return to normal life as soon as possible, so they do not have the luxury of waiting.

Click here to view The position paper, followed by the names of NGOs signatories 

In French Language: Reconstruction de la bande de Gaza : 120 ONG palestiniennes adressent leurs recommandations


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