Care Association for Wildlife- Palestine (CAWL) Conducts its General Assembly Meeting for the Year 2022


CAWL- Palestine conducted its general assembly meeting on May 22, 2022 at 12:00 pm to discuss its administrative and financial reports for the year 2021 and planned activities for the year 2022. The meeting was attended by representative of the Ministry of Interior.

The meeting started by confirmation of quorum number. Then Ruba Akkila, Chairperson of Board summarized the administrative report and the activities conducted during 2021. The general assembly endorsed the report unanimously.

This was followed by presentation of the financial report for the year 2021 by Mr. Ahmad Shawa, CAWL Treasurer, which was endorsed unanimously by the general assembly members.

Members of the general assembly expressed their satisfaction and full support to the board members in order to improve wildlife situation in Gaza, which was also appreciated by the Chairperson of Board, Ruba Akkila.


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