ActionAid Palestine to Organize a Special training for Women in H2 on Small Enterprise Management

Hebron-West Bank-ActionAid Palestine (AAP) organized a specialist training on “small Enterprise Management” for women in the Old City of Hebron (H2) through AAP’s project “Valiance -Basala -Empowering women in old City of Hebron(H2)” funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The training aimed at developing skills of women in management of small enterprises so that they could establish their own enterprises to improve their economic conditions and public participation in the community. In addition, women will be encouraged to establish their entrepreneurial activities and improve existing women enterprises.

The training which lasted for 4 days introduced trainees to the concept of entrepreneurship and skills of small enterprise management, design of action plan, marketing skills and assessment of labor market. This training will prepare women to establish their own enterprises. 21 women were targeted from targeted areas of the project in Hebron Governorate that include Tal-Rumieda, southern area of Hebron, and town of Al-Jalajel.

Besan Manasrah (25 years old) highlights how the training was useful for her saying: “this training helped me in strengthening my personality and learning new skills that I really needed. It also increased my knowledge about management of small enterprises as well as empowered me to achieve my dream of establishing my enterprise of “sound system” for organizing different events in my area”.

Samar Abu Sininah is a mother for 6 children living in H2 talked about the training: “this training is one of the unique trainings that I have received from AAP. Through this training, I was able to look into the market of my enterprise of “women clothes” in my area that lacks public transportation, and it is located far away from shopping market. This training helped me in identifying strengths and weaknesses of my enterprise so that it could be improved”.

Bayan Jaber (32 years old) is a mother of 4 children living in H2: “I have benefited from this training in developing my character and ideas for establishing my enterprise of home farm. This project will generate income for me and my family and usefully utilize my leisure time. It is essential for women to have an independent enterprise which promotes their status in community and shows their success and abilities to develop themselves”.

Valiance project supports women in H2 by providing them with agricultural items and equipment needed for planting vegetables and livestock farming and other commercial items ..etc. Economic activities combined with awareness raising activities have supported women’s social and economic empowerment through enhancing their access to productive assets. Concurrently, women are able to address the structural causes of discrimination and violence against them through their collective efforts to analyze the social, economic and political context that affects all aspects of life.


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