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Security Advisor


Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a Non-Governmental Organization of international solidarity based in France. Founded in 1991, SIF is a non-profit and non-political organization that intents to help, to bring relief and to protect the lives of those threatened by natural disasters, armed conflicts or by economic collapse. SIF provides its help in respect of the cultural diversity, without any distinction of origin, religion or gender. SIF Palestine Mission was established in 2008 and since then, it has set up many concrete activities in order to help in a large scale and developed a comprehensive knowledge of the local context and understanding of local needs.



The Security Advisor will be the security referent of the mission. S/he is under the supervision of Head of Mission, responsible for  supporting the Management Team to ensure the safety and security of all SIF staff, locations, and assets in Palestine, s/he will work in close cooperation with SIF teams as following:-

Humanitarian Access Management

  • Develop and implement humanitarian access strategies and approaches tailored to local contexts in field; 
  • Ensure humanitarian access approaches are responsive to local context and include overarching community engagement components;
  • Work to ensure that SIF, its mission and work in the areas of operations is known and accepted;
  • Work to encourage stakeholders to work with the SIF in ensuring that staff and programs are safe and allowed to continue humanitarian activities in Palestine ;
  • Provide technical input and advice in assessments to consider new SIF programs in new geographic areas, and regular assessment reviews for existing locations;
  • Assist in the continued development of humanitarian access teams and activities across Palestine;
  • Contribute to developing and implementing guidelines for humanitarian access and engagement with non-state actors articulating standard SIF policy and guidance;
  • Oversee and advise on the implementation and review of tailored acceptance strategies;
  • Maintain a high level of preparedness vis-a-vis predicted contextual fluctuations operationally and programmatically;
  • Enhance SIF image and acceptance within the community and amongst stakeholders by providing guidance on inclusive visibility strategies;
  • Work in close collaboration with HQ Security Manager / Logistic Referent to ensure timely and appropriate follow-up to violations of SIF’s Code of Conduct and security rules through incident reports and complaint mechanisms.

Safety and Security Risk Management

  • Implement the security policy in cooperation with the Head of Mission;
  • Participate in the evaluation of the general security, the procedures definition and updating;
  • Participate in the security data collect, their analyze and the diffusion of alerts or important data (to the HQ and/or his team);
  • To look after the security rules respect;
  • Provide technical support on all policies, procedures, guidelines and planning for staff safety, operational security and program continuity in Palestine ;
  • Evaluate, review and update the security management plans on a regular basis in compliance with global safety and security standards and requirements;
  • Evaluate, review and update the hibernation and evacuation plans for all SIF offices and residences in Palestine and ensure that the practical preparations are in place and known to all staff involved;
  • Conduct risk assessments of contracted and prospective offices and residences. Follow up on actions to be taken to ensure compliance with safety and security standards;
  • Undertake continual assessments of equipment, and the protocols by which that equipment is used, to ensure that minimal conditions for security are being met;
  • Provide and implement best possible solutions for use of equipment to facilitate communication between staff, including here proposing safe alternative means of communication and equipment
  • Ensure safety and security protocol, reporting mechanism, and capacity building initiative
  • Ensure that watchman's are aware of all safety and security regulations.

Context Understanding and Reporting

  • Compile and submit regular reports that track incidents and trends in humanitarian access and local security contexts within the SIF’s area of operation;
  • Submit daily contextual updates as needed ;
  • Work closely with SIF field management teams to ensure all incidents and accidents are followed up with an official written report, which is then shared with relevant stakeholders and filed appropriately; 
  • Ensure that final incident reports are provided when SIF is closing the case;
  • Monitor the operating environment in the region, identify new threats, assess SIF vulnerabilities and recommend possible responses;
  • Coordinate regularly with the Head of Mission on safety and security, and fulfill reporting requirements to the region; 
  • Provide credible information and contextual understanding of localized and country-wide security situations and incidents along with appropriate advice to SIF field and program management staff.


  • A Bachelor Degree from an accredited university in Business or Project Management or relevant field;
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in the similar position in an international organization;
  • Previous experience in INGOs and Ability to communicate in French will be an added advantage;
  • Experience in and commitment to participatory management and maintaining a supportive, open environment to ensure the transferring of knowledge & development of all staff;
  • Well Organized, strategic planning, and implementation ability;
  • Ability to set goals and prioritize with commitment;
  • Effective under pressure, results oriented and proactive with the ability to multi-task;
  • Good Interpersonal communication, negotiating and analytical skills;
  • Ability to build, manage and motivate teams and individuals to achieve set objectives and targets;
  • Ability to lead and participate in teams but also to work independently;
  • Excellent written and spoken English. Ability to speak French will be an added advantage;
  • Computer skills: MS Office (specially Word and Excel);
  • Ability to travel frequently and under the particular travel requirements of the assignment.


Humble and flexible, force proposal and initiative, capacity to prioritize, networking and partnership development, sense of responsibilities and coordination skills, good interpersonal skills, patient and ready to listen to people, open-minded and collective approach and strong humanitarian motivation.


  • Duty Location: West Bank and Gaza Strip (50%/50%)  
  • Duration: One year “renewable”
  • Starting Date: January, 2023
  • Security Advisor: (Ref #: SIF PAL 2022/01/SA)


Interested candidates are requested to send the followings:

  • Their CV,
  • Letter of Motivation with the Ref # of the post (as indicated above).
  • Two professional references for the last two employers with their contacts’ information.

All above documents should be sent not later than 02:00 p.m. on 5th December 2022 to the following e-mail address:       [email protected]       

  • Faxed CV’s or emails without the Post Title & Ref # will be neglected.
  • Only candidates possessing relevant experiences will be shortlisted.
  • Position opens for candidates from West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Secours Islamique France is an equal opportunity employer

SIF commits to respect the “Do no harm” humanitarian principle and ensure child safety is paramount in all its activities. SIF implements a Child Safeguarding Policy (CSP) at headquarters and in every mission. We do everything possible to ensure that only those who are suitable to work with vulnerable people, in particular with children join our organization.

This position is subject to a range of vetting checks including criminal records disclosure and reference checks. We have zero tolerance for harmful practices and will take any allegation or report of child abuse very seriously.


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