The Agricultural Sector in PNGO Network warns of the repercussions of the World Food Program's suspension of food aid

The Agricultural Sector in the Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) warned of the serious repercussions of the suspension of food aid provided by the World Food Program to tens of thousands of beneficiaries in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly in the Gaza Strip, due to the funding deficit allocated to the Program.

PNGOs' Agricultural Sector indicated that the World Food Program has, during the previous period, reduced the number of beneficiaries of food vouchers by thousands, and in the absence of funding, it will cut off its assistance to 200,000 beneficiaries, who are among the most vulnerable groups, including children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities that mainly rely on aid from relief agencies.

PNGOs' Agricultural Sector confirms the deterioration of the economic, social, and humanitarian conditions of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip as a result of the continuation of the Israeli attacks and blockade for sixteen years, and the lack of international funding for basic programs, as poverty, unemployment, and food insecurity rates have risen to unprecedented levels.

Further, the Agriculture Sector calls on donors to expedite support for the World Food Program so that it can resume its services provided to beneficiaries and alleviate their suffering.

PNGOs' Agricultural Sector also calls on the international community to put serious pressure on the occupation authorities to completely lift the blockade to stop the deterioration and mitigate its repercussions.


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