PNGO Issues Paper on The Repercussions of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Gaza Youth

The Palestinian NGO’s Network issued a paper on the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on youth in the Gaza Strip. The sheet mentions the most eminent impacts of the Coronavirus crisis and the effects of the precautionary measures and conditions other taken on youth in the Gaza Strip.

The paper prepared by lawyer and researcher Rami Mohsen aims to clarify that the lockdown and closure states in terms of poor social, political, economic, and psychological conditions are all undoubtedly factors that have led to an increase in domestic and societal violence and increasing crime rates.

This cane as a part of the "Palestinian civil society organizations approach to face future challenges," which was implemented in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Young people, according to the paper, in the Gaza Strip are the most affected by precautionary measures, especially those who lost their jobs and their source of income due to the pandemic. As a result, the largest of the vulnerable and marginalized groups were created, which constitutes the expansion of poverty and unemployment in their ranks in the absence of effective government policies to address such situation.

Moreover, the paper indicated that the e-learning experience had a number of obstacles causing a new challenge for young people, especially with universities adopting virtual education systems, in an innovative and unprecedented form. This hindered the ability of many young people to enroll in education at all levels.

Finally, the paper recommended the need to integrate youth within the priorities of civil society organizations, during and after the victory over the pandemic, through a participatory process with adequate resources.

Furthermore, the paper stressed the importance for the government to adopt policies and plans that would contribute to overcoming the challenges that the pandemic placed on young people, including their participation in the formulation and implementation of these policies.

 Working to promote the idea of cooperatives and self-sufficiency by giving youth income-generating projects is of utmost importance in the next stage. This way, youth immunity and their ability to confront such a crisis in the future is increased.

Download the paper from here

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