Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) need a Trainer/facilitator to Develop Inclusive Remote Psychosocial Guide

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)

Term of Reference (TOR) – Develop Inclusive Remote Psychosocial Guide

Building an evidence-based advocacy unit, and a Monitoring,

Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning MEAL System at Atfaluna


Overview: Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children is a local Non-governmental organization, established in 1992 in Gaza City, in order to enable persons with hearing disability in the Gaza Strip to have their chance in life through education, rehabilitation, and job training and employment opportunities. From its establishment as a small school for persons with hearing disability serving 27 students, Atfaluna now serves more than 40,000 persons annually through a multitude of services and training programs implemented within an inclusive approach. These interventions aim at providing equal opportunities for persons with hearing disability in the society.

Vision: A Palestinian disability inclusive society where persons with disabilities enjoy their full rights.

Mission: Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children is a non-profit organization that endeavors to empower persons with hearing disability as well as persons with other disabilities in the Gaza Strip and improve their quality of life within a disability-inclusive development framework

Project Background:

“Building an evidence-based advocacy unit, and a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning MEAL System at Atfaluna” has been developed jointly with ASDC, it aims at promoting the changes on the culture of the community members to be conscious of the rights of persons with disabilities, through achieving the ASDC’s strategic objectives.  The ASDC annual plans were designed to achieve these objectives by advocating the rights of people with disabilities thru various activities and intervention. The plan also designed to promote the ASDC sustainability by   Strengthen the quality of services and deliverables through developing MEAL System. Moreover, the project supports the developing of case management system in Atfaluna as well as building the protection and psychosocial expertise. The project provides case management and psychosocial support services to 200 children with and without disabilities.

Assignment objectives:

While COVID19 emergency situation continues to be part of the daily living conditions and hence affecting the approach of organizations’ working methodologies, and psychosocial support interventions are of importance to be continued in light of the distress imposed on families and children. The aim of this assignment is to develop an inclusive remote psychosocial guide that is based on Atfaluan’s inclusive methodologies and evidence-based interventions with high consideration of the international and national psychosocial support guidelines.

Scope of work:

  • Desk review of Atfaluna’s remote psychosocial support methodologies
  • Holding meetings with Atfaluna’s psychosocial specialists
  • Attend the remote psychosocial support activities
  • Document best practices
  • Develop the guidelines based on Atfaluna’s existing work, that identifies the methodologies in details, the approach of using the PSS tools, protection mainstreaming, and the inclusive methodologies, practical activities and examples.

Trainer/facilitator deliverables

The deliverables of the assignment comprise of the following within the meanings of scope of work as defined in this TOR.

  • Delivery of a total of 40 mentoring hours
  • Desk review report
  • Final version of Inclusive Remote Psychosocial Guidelines

Applicants with the following experience are welcome to apply:

  • Master or B.A degree in psychology or social work
  • At least 5 years of experience in training delivery
  • Proven practical experience in the relevant requested field
  • Excellent communication skills for dealing with a range of people, including persons with disabilities

Selection criteria

The offer will be evaluated by using the best value for money approach (combined scoring method).

Technical proposal will be evaluated on 70 %, whereas the financial one will be evaluated on 30%. A two- stage procedure is utilized in evaluating the proposals, with the technical evaluation being completed prior to any financial proposal being opened and compared.


Time frame: Start of the assignment in the second half of February, 2021.  

Submission Process: Interested trainers should submit technical and financial proposals in two different envelops and a soft copy in CD, where the Financial offer in (NIS)

Technical offer: Required qualifications and experience profile of previous works, plan and methodology of the training course.

Deadline for submitting the technical and financial proposals is 4th August, 2021 at 4:00 pm.

Interested applicants can apply by sending the technical and financial offer through this e-mail: [email protected]

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