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SOS Children’s Villages

Job Vacancy

Field worker

SOS Children’s Villages takes action for children as an independent non-governmental social development organization. We build families for children in need, we help them shape the development of their communities, we respect varying religions and cultures, and we work in countries and communities where our mission can contribute to development.

Position Title: Family Strengthening (FS) Programme Field worker

Line Manager: Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) Coordinator

Status: Full Time

Contract Type: One Year Limited Contract

Location: Rafah – Gaza Strip

Child Safeguarding Commitment:

SOS Children’s Villages works with children’s and youth. Any applicant he/she should act in a way that safeguards children and youth from all forms of discrimination, abuse, mistreatment and neglect, and will keep data about the children and youth in SOS Children’s Villages programmes confidential. He/she will report all concerns regarding actual or potential child abuse, mistreatment or any other violation of the Child Protection Policy according to our reporting and responding system. For sure, He/she would be protected and supported by the organization.

Position Summary:

The field worker will take part in the day-to-day implementation of the family strengthening programme. S/he will be responsible to assess the children/family situation and support the family development planning (FDP) process. Through regular family visits, s/he will support, guide and counsel families to ensure children's essential needs are met. S/he will also have to organise various pscho-social group activities for the beneficiaries and communities. Working closely with the community, the field worker will report and be under the responsibility of the Family Strengthening coordinator.

Main Clients

  • FSP Coordinator
  • FS staff
  • CBO

Key performance areas and main responsibilities:

Support the provision of services to beneficiary families

  • Assist with the initial assessment of potential beneficiaries, as required by the programme coordinator.
  • Establish and regularly review family development plans (FDP) with each family to ensure children's essential survival and developmental needs are met in the short and long term and to ensure care-givers/families understand the aim of the programme and contribute/work towards their self-reliance.
  • Organise and facilitate relevant services offered through the programme, including such activities as care-givers capacity building in child care, support groups, psycho-social support to the programme beneficiaries and child recreational activities.
  • Provide psychosocial counselling to beneficiaries as necessary and based on capacity

 Keep up-to-date information regarding beneficiaries and services provided

  • Establish beneficiary filing system and keep up-to-date.
  • keeps up-to-date SOS database
  • Keep record of all services and trainings provided to the families.
  • Report on beneficiary/family progress and provide necessary information needed for the programme reporting

Involve the community in the implementation of the programme.

  • Build positive relationships with the community and/or local authorities.
  • Follow up and guide the community volunteers' work.

Contribute to the realization of child rights in general as well as the development of the organization in this regard in particular.

  • Always put the interest of the child first
  • Take action or report to the adequate structure any child's rights violation cases
  • Keep track of child rights issues in general as well as current social development issues and trends relevant to the organisation’s mission.

Child Safeguarding (CS)

  • Responsible to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination
  • Supports NPDD, CVPD and Programme units’ managers in organising relevant preventive actions addressing existing and possible CS risks as identified by the CS risk assessment.

Must Criteria

  • University degree in social work or in any other psycho-social or socio-pedagogic sector
    (i.e.  psychology, pedagogy, sociology etc.,)
  • At least 3 years of direct working experience in social services
  • Experience in applying case management procedures, including social work methods and practises in the work with children and families
  • Good knowledge of children rights
  • Experience in individual and group counselling
  • Strong communication skills
  • Computer literacy


  • Good knowledge of social welfare policies, services, laws at national level and set up of national child protection and social system
  • Good knowledge of child development, family functioning, human behaviour and social environment
  • Knowledge on social work ethics, theories and methods in work with children and families
  • Knowledge on child protection and children rights
  • Knowledge on social issues facing children and families, such as health (including HIV/AIDS), poverty, lack of access to education, child abuse and neglect, gender violence, discrimination, substance abuse etc.
  • Knowledge on how traditions, culture, beliefs and customs influence human functioning and development at all levels
  • Understanding of cultural diversity, characteristics of special target groups, implications for assessment and intervention
  • Understanding of services, including crisis intervention, parenting skills training, family counselling, conflict resolution and individual and group counselling


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong compliance with social work ethics and values
  • Ability to set and maintain professional boundaries with clients
  • Counselling skills
  • Ability to negotiate and collaborate
  • Empathy, compassion and understanding of the needs of different client groups, non-judgemental attitude; ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds and gain their trust
  • Ability to gather, analyse, evaluate and integrate important information
  • Ability to work independently and in the team
  • Ability to advocate for the rights of the children and families
  • A practical and flexible approach to work
  • Observational skills
  • Resilience - for coping with difficult situations and challenging cases
  • Good time management, organisational and administrative skills

Preferred additional criteria

  • Experience in the development or delivery of economic support services for women and families
  • Driving license

Interested candidates must send their Cover Letter including related job achievements, CV, and three traceable references to: 

        [email protected]               by Sunday 02nd of April2023

Indicating in the subject line: FS Field Worker

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted Applications after deadline will be excluded. Applications not conforming to the conditions will not be considered.

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