Health sector in the PNGO warns of the dangerous repercussions of the continued Israeli aggression on Gaza and the closure of crossings

Health sector in the Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) denounces the Israeli occupation closure of crossings in Gaza Strip for the fourth day of the aggression on the Gaza Strip and the increasing toll of martyrs and injured.

Health sector in PNGO indicates that the Israeli occupation has closed Erez crossing since Tuesday for the patients and their companions to get treatment outside Gaza Strip, especially cancer patients and urgent conditions. The number of those patients is 430 patients and companions according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. 

In addition, the occupation prevented the medical teams from entering the Gaza Strip to help in treatment of injured and acute cases. Further, the closure of commercial crossing "Kerem Shalom" and banning the entry of medical supplies and medications in the Gaza Strip continued at the time that the Gaza strip is suffering from lack of medications to treat the injured and urgent acute cases. 

Health sector in PNGO pointed out there's no fuel in the power plant due to the closure of Kerem Shalom crossing which will aggravate the health conditions. 

The health sector in PNGO warns of the dangerous consequences in the continuous of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and the ongoing closures crossings on patients’ life and aggravate their health condition.

At the time that the health sector in PNGO appreciates the efforts that done by the medical teams for helping in relieving the injured and urgent cases, also ensures that the Palestinian health system including Palestinian health NGOs stands together in providing medical services to the injured.

The health sector in PNGO repeats their claim in urgent international intervention for ceasing the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, opening the crossings, enabling Palestinian patients to receive treatment and entering all the medical supplies to Gaza Strip.


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