Palestinian civil society groups reiterate rejection of the application of the 2022 Bylaw on Non-Profit Companies and call for compliance with the Basic Law 


The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO), the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC), the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity–AMAN, and the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), once again raise their concerns regarding the Bylaw on Non-Profit Companies (‘NPC Bylaw’) No. 20 of 2022 and its application to organizations registered as companies.


The NPC Bylaw has been firmly rejected by Palestinian civil society organizations as it restricts their working space, violates the provisions of the Palestinian Basic Law and the Law on Charitable Associations, and deviates from the international conventions to which the State of Palestine is a party. It is also contrary to the core values of non-profit companies that operate in accordance with the law and within the best financial and administrative procedures, and whose activities are consistent with national needs and priorities.

The undersigned groups and coalitions recall the vital role of Palestinian civil society organizations—with their various forms of registration—in supporting the Palestinians’ steadfastness, the perseverance of their national and cultural identity, and the many other functions they perform, which have made them a target of the Israeli authorities who have repeatedly attacked them in an attempt to silence them and end their work. As Israel continues to increase its settler-colonial and apartheid practices and policies against the Palestinian people, it is critical to build partnerships, joint efforts and integration of all components and sectors of society, including civil society organizations.

Our groups believe in the importance of a policy shift toward adherence to the principles of the Palestinian Basic Law and the expansion of public freedoms, particularly a return to the people as a source of legislation. We will continue our local campaign to influence decision-makers to repeal the bylaw and cease any efforts to implement it. Any democratic political system must include all stakeholders—including civil society—in the decision-making process at all institutional and legal levels. This is why our groups have stressed the need to involve civil society organizations and non-profit companies in the drafting of any new amendments.

We remain willing to engage in serious dialogues with the government to reach an agreement that guarantees the abolition of the NPC Bylaw, the suspension of any regulations or resolutions affecting the essence of the right to freedom of association and assembly, and the cessation of all practices that violate constitutional norms and the State of Palestine’s international obligations, and that occur without consultation with relevant stakeholders.


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