Request for technical service - Monitoring and reporting consultant

Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development (PICD)

Request for technical service

Monitoring and reporting consultant

Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development (PICD) and Community Media Center (CMC)

"Enhancing the Role of Media in supporting Access to Justice in Gaza Strip"

Request for technical service – Monitoring and reporting consultant


Community Media Center (CMC) is an independent nongovernmental organization based in Gaza and was established and started working at the beginning of 2007 by an initiative of a group of activists in the civil society, human rights and media work. CMC members agreed on the necessity of starting a civil and media institution concerned in the citizen’s human rights and humanitarian issues.

Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development (PICD) is an independent and non-governmental organization NGO specialized in communication and media science and its diverse subdivisions. PICD aims at developing the educational and quantitative level of the Palestinian journalists and Media, and attempts to cultivate the Palestinian experiences and qualifications in the local media organizations.

CMC and PICD are implementing "Enhancing the Role of Media in supporting Access to Justice in Gaza Strip" project, in partnership with and funded by UNDP/PAPP’sSupporting the Rule of Law in the OPT: Justice and Security for the Palestinian PeopleProgram(2014-2017),The project is expected to empower media practitioners & journalists and strengthen their role in advocating a unified judicial system and documenting the violations of human rights as a result to the dual judiciary in Palestine. This will be achieved through providing the tools and capacity required to focus on the situation and its consequences on the public from a human rights perspective.

Moreover, the project will include accountability round tables with the participation of policy makers and duty bearers, right holders such as journalists, civil society activists, and people suffering from the judicial divide. This will ensure active participation of the people and grant them a voice that reaches the duty bearers.

Under this solicitation, CMC and PICD seek a qualified consultant who will be responsible for the full Monitoring process and reporting of this project and its results.


 10 months (starting 20/04/2016 and ending 20/02/2017).


  • Media practitioners demonstrate better ability to effectively engage the justice system and influence media to cover the issue.

  • Media role is more active in advocating for a unified justice system

  • Marginalized groups are empowered to claim their rights and became able to hold accountability sessions.


Activities       Time frame

Month           1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          10

Recruit project staff

Select the targeted journalist beneficiaries

Developing the capacity of targeted Journalists

Producing media materials

Dissemination and broadcasting of media materials

Accountability sessions

Holding final conference & round table discussion

Public Gathering

Monitoring & Reporting

Closing and final reporting

The consultant will work according to the M&E manual owned by CMC and /or PICD, in coordination with and following up by CMC and PICD, the expert will provide CMC and PICD with high-quality technical assistance, information management, and impact and performance measurements.


The purpose of this consultancy is to ensure that the progress and results of the project "Enhancing the role of media in supporting access to justice in Gaza Strip"  are monitored, communicated and acted upon in a timely manner, and to document lessons learned in order to enhance CMC’s and PICD's future programing.

The consultant should keep in consideration the completed, going on and upcoming activities.


As described in the objective of this consultancy service, to ensure maximum integrity and transparency, the monitoring and evaluation activities will be conducted by independent external consultants.

The project will be continuously monitored administratively and financially by the consultant in close cooperation with the project staff and management of the implementing partners. The consultant will be responsible of developing a monitoring system, including periodic report forms and will guide the overall process. The project activities will be monitored through a carefully structured monitoring plan, which will be agreed upon between the external monitor and the project committee.

Evaluation:  there will be a final internal evaluation will be done also at the end of the project and to track the impact of the project, through a qualitative and quantitative data collection tools. In the evaluation, representatives of the project staff, beneficiaries and other stakeholders will be involved in all process. All reports of the monitoring and evaluation process will be shared with stakeholders and the donor.


This assignment will be started immediately once the agreement between CMC, PICDand the winner bidder is signed.


At a minimum, the consultant should have the following qualifications:

  • Strong background of monitoring & evaluation or related field.

  • 2-4 years of proven professional experience.

  • Academic qualification: An advanced degree in monitoring &evaluation, BA or a related field is preferable. (Other fields will be considered as well). Also, consultants with strong experience and good technical offers will be considered in lieu of their academic qualification.

  • Excellent Arabic and English reporting skills.


Interested consultants shall submit their technical offers in closed envelops to PICD no later than 19 May, 2016.

Technical offers must include:

  • CV that shows relevant experience and competencies.

  • Detailed Monitoring methodology highlighting the approach and tools to be used and the aspect the consultant will be looking for during the assignment.

CMC and PICD will discard any offer that doesn’t include any of the items mentioned above.

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