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Development of 3 years strategic plan for Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection (PSCP) - Gaza


The Project ‘Facilitating development of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in the Gaza Strip for the local market’ is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), and implemented by Oxfam and RUAF Foundation.

The Project is implemented with the aim to increase the income for women and men engaged in small-scale urban and peri-urban agriculture in the Gaza Strip. The Project supports longer-term systemic market changes, and the development of inclusive value chains (for small scale farmers and processors) combining support intervention strategies in service provision, quality control, and VC platform facilitation (outcome 1) training of beneficiaries to sustain these interventions and more systemic changes in the areas of training/extension (outcome 2), and improved enabling policy and governance environment (through outcome 3).

Under the project’s outcomes, new and revised policy strategies and measures for urban agriculture aimed at supplying the local market are expected to be developed and taken up by local and national government institutions. This aspect of the project is being implemented in close coordination with the Gaza Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Platform (GUPAP) and its 50 member organizations from different sectors and among them the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection of Gaza (PSCP).

A part of GUPAP’s plan, the project is intending to facilitate development of the PSCP strategy including a one year operational and fundraising plan.

Scope of assignment

The PSCP plan of action (2016-2019) has formulated the vision and strategic objectives of the society as follows: “The PSCP advocates for the enforcement of Palestinian consumers protection laws and seeks to enhance its institutional role and capacities to implement interventions that are mainly related to protection of consumers’ rights and awareness based on the Palestinian Consumers Protection Laws and the basic consumers rights adopted by United Nations General Assembly 1985”.

PSCP Objectives:

  • Raising level of consumer‘s awareness and enhancement of their active participation and advocacy capacities as well.

  • Facilitate an advocacy space for consumers’ representation to protect and defend consumer’s rights.
    -Detect violations affecting consumers groups in all aspects of the interactive process that affects consumers.

  • Advocacy for the abundance, quality and moderate prices of goods and services and have the required quality/safety standards and specifications.

  • Advocacy and campaigning to reactivate legislations and package of Palestinian laws related to consumer protection and consumers’ rights adopted by United Nations General Assembly 1985.

  • Urge and aware consumers to exercise good consumption patterns and values positively through rationalization of consumption and dissemination of quality control culture and practices at community level.

  • Encourage qualitative local products and enhancing local consumers’ confidence towards local Palestinian products.

  • Contribute to poverty reduction through the implementation of relief and humanitarian interventions to help poor families during emergencies based on principle of social justice and community participation.

  • Interact with and learn from experiences of other consumer protection associations and networks at national, regional and international levels.

The team of the PSCP-Gaza has drafted an Action Plan 2016-2019, which is lacking the formulation of a thoroughly developed participatory strategy, cooperation with other key actors and a fundraising plan. The PSCP has requested the conduct of a thorough stakeholder analsyis to prepare for a re-newed strategy and action plan, which also has strong connections and alignment with the PSCP in the West Bank.

The PSCP and Oxfam are seeking a local consultant to facilitate following key tasks by describing:

  • The updated vision, mission, goals and objectives.

  • Resources mapping ( available and obtainable human, financial, institutional, legislative)

  • Institutional cooperation model with stakeholder mapping (role and power)

  • Programs that reflect the vision and possible within available resources

  • Institutional managerial and programmatic structure to serve the designed programs

  • Operational and fund raising program to implement the poetized program.

Responsibilities of consultant

A key component of the assigment is the development of a re-newed strategy for the PSCP 2016-2019. This includes the following activities:

  • literature review of all planning and strategic documents of the PSCP in West Bank and Gaza, and compare these to other Arab countries

  • Facilitation   of  strategic planning  Focus Group Discussion  with PSCP staff (orientation)

  • Facilitation strategic planning Focus Group Discussion  with PCPA staff and key actors (including PSI, MoNE and Azhar university)

  • Development of  draft 3 year strategy (including 1 year operational and fundraising plan) The final draft shall be validated and finalized by a wider range of key stakeholders, from governmental, non-governmental, private sector , research organizations and representatives of local consumers groups.

  • Facilitation of coordination meeting with PSCP/Ramallah Branch and Hebron to align and harmonize proposed strategy with their existing scope and action plan. This should include the preparation of cooperation oportunities between the various branches

Description of activities and methodology to be applied

  • Preparation of methodology of the assignment carried out by the consultant

  • Desk review of the current national PSCP’s strategy documents and plans

  • Screening of all stakeholders and development of action plan for primary data collection

  • Primary data collection including and data analysis and the development of initial findings.

  • Participatory workshops and Focus Group Discussion

  • Finalization of the nenewed 3 year strategic plan and 1 year operational and fundraising plan

  • Validation of the produced documents/reports with relevant key stakeholders.

Concrete deliverables

  1. PSCP 3 years strategy plan Including:

    -Literature review on strategic plans of similar institutions in similar context.
    -Clear reachable vision and mission of PSCP
    -Goals and objectives that reflect the vision and mission
    -Resources analyses (financial, human, institutional cooperation, potential funds)
    -Institutional mapping with clear description of PSCP role within wider institutional context
    -Programs that are needed to achieve the goals, objectives, mission an vision
    -Institutional managerial and programmatic structure to serve the designed programs
    -Time plan to implement the designed programs

  2. PSCP 1 year operational and fundraising plan, including:
    -The prioritized programs / projects during the first year of operations
    -Resources mapping of available and obtainable resources (detailed plan for fund raising integrate in the operation plan.
    -Detailed methodology of implementation
    -Time plan for implementation

Associated risks that can affect the plan implementation and responding measures and plan B


The short-term expert is required to submit all above-mentioned deliverables (reports) within a timeframe of maximum 6 weeks (starting from date of signing the contract), in coordination and cooperation with Oxfam, and all documents are to be coordinated and presented in Arabic language and English

All interested consultants candidates should submit their technical and financial proposal to :
[email protected]

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