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Terms of reference

Documentary ‘Facilitating development of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in the Gaza Strip for the local market’


The Project ‘Facilitating development of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in the Gaza Strip for the local market’ is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), and implemented by Oxfam and RUAF Foundation.

The Project is implemented with the aim to increase the income for women and men engaged in small-scale urban and peri-urban agriculture in the Gaza Strip. The Project supports longer-term systemic market changes, and the development of inclusive value chains (for small scale farmers and processors) combining support intervention strategies in service provision, quality control, and VC platform facilitation (outcome 1) training of beneficiaries to sustain these interventions and more systemic changes in the areas of training/extension (outcome 2), and improved enabling policy and governance environment (through outcome 3).

Scope of assignment:

The overall objective of this assignment is the production of a video on the Oxfam-SDC project in Gaza “Facilitating development of urban and peri urban agriculture for the local market in the Gaza Strip”. This documentary will be produced as a main tool to inform civil society, ministries and key agricultural stakeholders on new innovative agricultural approaches in the dairy and dates value chains. Also a wider, more general public will be reached at national and international level by publication and awareness through Oxfam’s wide network.   New agricultural approaches and techniques shall be demonstrated, along with the project results and deliverables since 2015 till 2017 (end of project). The video should focus on the achieved outcomes and impact in terms of economic and technological efficiency to farmers, extentionists and key market actors, in addition to the enabled policy environment which aims to regulate a market with high quality local production. The key objectives of the project (income increase producers and processors and national growth of production) should be clearly reflected in the video as demonstration of sustainable impact. Publication and raising exposure will be done through the Gaza Urban and Peri- Urban Agricultural Platform (GUPAP), RUAF Foundation and Oxfam’s wide international network and social media.

The following key components must be included in the video:

Demonstration of systematic changes in the palm dates value chain:

  • Storing fresh dates using solar power system and expansion in harvest season (incl. freezing experiment)

  • Establishing the first date processing company with women shareholders in the Gaza Strip and improvement of income farmers and processors

  • PTD experiments to develop improved quality and pricing of products and enhanced best practices

  • Red Palm Weevil Committee action plan and sector response in combating the red palm weevil threat

  • Cooperation between West Bank and Gaza regarding development of the palm dates chain (exchange visit, business cooperation, and technical trainings)

Demonstration of systematic changes in the dairy value chain:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency of dairy processing units through co-funding infrastructure and solar based cold storage

  • Linkages between small and medium scale farmers and factories and inclusive approach in supporting marketability of small and medium scale farmers

  • Improved marketability and economic growth of dairy factories through establishment new production lines and diversification of products after SDC and DANIDA funded interventions

  • Improved laboratory equipment and obtaining quality standards and PS certificates

Policy change and enabled environment :

Lobby and advocacy initiatives by GUPAP on support to local production, red palm weevil combat and consumer protection

Responsibilities of consultant

A key component of the assigment is the production of the promo video through the editing of existing video materials and shooting new footage, in close consultation with the project team:

  • Develop the documentary film’s overall, talent, locations and scenario and develop key messages in conjunction with Oxfam key project and communication staff and provide a comprehensive treatment for sign-off.

  • Meetings with Oxfam project team to define methodology and approach of producing the promo video

  • Developing the storyline and identifying the key contributors in close coordination with Oxfam focal point and PM.

  • Visit the project sites and interact with the local communities who have been impacted by the Oxfam-supported projects to get context.

  • Develop the documentary storyboard to be used in the documentary

  • Perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the projects’ major beneficiaries and stakeholders

  • Audio and video editing, colour grading, corrections and subtitle input

  • Producing lead music and soundtrack accompanied by background music, including narration in accordance with the agreed scripts.

  • Editing, post production and final output.

Description of deliverables of assignment:

  • Presentation of workplan and methdology –this must include the overall timetable and scheduled meetings with project stakeholders and officers in Gaza City and in the field to collect and record data.

  • Submission of storyboard and for the documentary to Oxfam media lead for approval before filming.

  • Present draft documentary to stakeholders in Gaza at the end of the field mission and incorporation of comments;

  • Produce an edited Video Recording of the scenarios captured, and the footage of the recorded stories.

  • Present the final result of 12 to 15 minutes’ video and hand over 2 master copies (50 DVD copies with label and cover) artwork of each version to Oxfam media lead and Project manager with raw footage for any future usage.

  • Provide a master copy for Oxfam online platforms, including a 1-2 minute edit for sharing online.

The consultant is required to submit all above-mentioned deliverables within a timeframe of maximum 3 months (12 weeks), starting from date of signing the contract.  All written documents are to be coordinated and presented in English language. The promo video must be presented in Arabic language with English subtitles.


Dual copyright of raw footage and final products will be retained both by Oxfam and the supplier, in perpetuity.

Technical and financial proposals:

All interested candidates should submit their technical and financial proposal.

 The technical proposal must include:

  • The methodology and the suggested work plan.

  • Previous experience in similar assignments with samples of the previous work.

  • References contact details -3 clients/Organizations

The proposal should be sent before December 12th 2016 to

[email protected]


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