Terms of Reference – Assessment of Actors in the youth sector

Terms of Reference – Assessment of Actors in the youth sector

Project: Civil Society ‐ Palestine (Partnership for Democratic Development)
Commissioned by: Norwegian People’s Aid – Palestine
Consultant reports to: Silvia Östberg Morales, Country Director
Commissioned for: An assessment and a mapping of the movements/organisations who are actors for youth organization and mobilization.

Time frame: Up to a maximum of 20‐25 working days between 1 October and 15 December 2017.
Location: Working from home with possible 1‐ 2 weeks in NPA offices in the West Bank and/or Gaza.

Key Tasks:

Identify youth networks and local actors who can influence society to achieve democracy and just
distribution of power and resources.
Review current NPA methodology for selection of partners in order to support NPA establishing
acceptable procedures for assessing potential actors for partnership.
Assess the potential of current NPA partners to improve their scope of work to include youth and
young from all segments in the Palestinian society. In addition, assess the capacity of youth networks
established by local NGOs through the partnership with NPA.

Key Qualifications, Skills, and Capabilities

Clear understanding and experience of the NGO sector in Palestine
Have good knowledge about the youth context and the National development plans including youth
Relevant university degree (Masters preferred) and research experience
Ability to work under pressure/deliver under tight deadlines
Flexibility: there will be several round of comments with short time frame between them and the
person needs to be flexible to work with the limited time we have.

Time Commitment

It is anticipated that the assignment will take 20‐25 working days over a 2 month period.


1. Draft narrative report with full findings in a format provided by NPA
2. Mapping of Palestinian youth networks, organisations, NGOs in both Gaza and the West Bank, that
could have the potential to be actors of change and their sphere of influence.
3. List of issues that youth consider most important and priority for them.
4. List of issues that youth and youth organisations find important for mobilizing youth.
5. List of the tools and methods that the youth consider the most efficient for youth mobilisation.
6. Clear list of sources/references used to generate material and contact list of people consulted

Submitting an Expression of Interest
NPA invites bids from individuals with the experience and skills described above.

Tenders must include:

1. A cover letter of no more than 1 page, introducing the consultant and how the skills and competencies
described above are met, with concrete examples as appropriate
2. A short description of the methodology proposed to achieve the deliverables, including activities and
method to secure the quality of the information gathered.
3. A max 1‐page budget (or a clear, total daily fee) covering all major anticipated costs, including VAT
4. A CV/Resume detailing relevant skills and experience of no more than 3 pages, including contactable
5. One short example of a relevant writing/ sample of work

Tender should be sent to [email protected] and received no later than midnight GMT, September 18th
2017. Short‐listed candidates will be contacted the following week where next steps will be outlined.

NPA Governing documents:

‐ NPA International Strategy 2016‐2019
‐ NPA Solidarity – NPA Principles and Values
‐ NPA partnership policy
‐ NPA policy on Organisation and participation

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